Arizona guide to cash offer fast house sell

April 28, 2021
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The best way to sell your Arizona house for cash, yesterday!

How to sell your house for cash fast…

…without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Have a house in Arizona? 

Need cash quickly? 

But you don’t know how to speed sell it?

Well, no more buts, only buyers.

Why a cash offer is the only way to go! 

You may not make as much money, but if it’s quick cash you want, there is no other option. On the plus side, you won’t have to spend time cleaning up the mess you’ve made while you lived there.

Sounds good?

Here’s what to do:

What’s going on in the current housing market?

Let’s find out!

Here is an overview of real estate trends at the moment.

There are homebuyers who can’t wait. The quarantine put a spanner in the works of job relocations and family plans, but now those people have an urgent need to buy and move quickly. This creates an excellent opportunity to sell your home.

Will we see a drop in the housing market? Unlikely, although there is some speculation.

Buyers are eager to make the most of record-low mortgage rates.

“There’s gold in them there hills!”

What are buyers seeking? Houses with more living space, outdoor spaces, and proximity to nature, both in rural towns and smaller cities (away from big cities). Is this what you have? Then strike while the iron’s hot…strike gold!

How’s the competition? 

Homesnap forecasts that despite a low inventory, the 2021 housing market will remain competitive, with a busy spring in store; goes further, predicting a strong spring and summer. 

Americans used to sell houses through agencies, advisors, or promoters. However, according to Realtor’s data, now they find their home here:

Internet: 52%

Real estate agent: 29%

Yard sign/open house sign: 6%

Friend, relative, or neighbor: 5%

Home builder or their agent: 6%

Directly from sellers/Knew the sellers: 2%

Print newspaper advertisement: 1%

Source: 2020 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

All you have to do is place a good ad on the internet; it’s user friendly and has much more visibility than newspapers. 

Love at first sight, not run at first fright 

Where is home? Where the heart is!

If you want to sell your house quickly, potential buyers must fall in love with it at first sight when they see the ad or visit. Its appearance is much more important than anything else. Why? 

Because however brainy we think we are, the heart will make this decision, not the head. 

I mean, you never heard the phrase “home is where the brain is”, right? 

What is a cash offer in real estate?

A cash offer means that the seller does not need any credit or mortgage and this type of transaction is more attractive to the seller as it minimizes risk.

How do cash offers benefit sellers?

A cash offer is easier because the paperwork almost disappears.

With a cash offer, the buyer needs to demonstrate the ability to pay with a banknote before continuing the transaction. In contrast with a mortgage, the buyer presents a pre-approval from the bank.

Advantages of cash offers:

They give sellers more confidence

The offer is faster

The credit score doesn’t factor into the process

Less need for paperwork and documentation

Preparing to sell

  • Comfort

If your house heats up like a sauna in the afternoon, then allow visitors before and after the highest temperature or suggest buying an AC.

Do you have noisy neighbors or traffic noise? Try double glazing, if you can afford it.

Any smart buyer will magnify the slightest fault they find. Even the smallest tragic flaw of the house could ruin the deal. 

  • Lighting

Does the inside of your house feel like a dingy dungeon or prison without light?

If so, the purchase of a couple of natural light bulbs could help brighten up the place.

If you have natural light, make sure you schedule visits for the brightest time of day. 

  • High-quality photos 

In the ad, it is very important to add several photos of different parts of the house so that the user can see the state of it. 

The trick is to take good photos that show off the best of the house, aided by good lighting. You can add a picture of the façade, the doorway, or other parts of the building but only if they are going to attract the buyer. 

Put the best photo as the main image, ideally of a spacious well-lit room with a view, and make sure it is never the bathroom.

  • Detailed description

Together with the photographs add a descriptive text of the house. Don’t forget to point out the benefits of the building, technical data, information about the neighborhood (transport, schools, supermarkets, parks), and all the attractive information that will help the buyer to decide to visit in person.

  • Attach a house plan

It is essential for the buyer to know the real size of the house and its distribution. 

  • Honest ad 

Besides a detailed description, it must be sincere, since it is useless to have a good ad if all those who visit the property feel cheated. We also have to be clear about the price. Set the same price for all the ads on various platforms. 

Why? If the potential buyer finds our house advertised in several places, with different prices, they probably won’t trust you anymore.

  • Update 

Try to keep the ad updated and make changes to make it more attractive. If you see that nobody is interested in the starting price, try to modify it a little to see if you get better results.

  • Feedback

Once you post your ad you’ll start receiving calls and some emails from interested people. It is essential to respond promptly to people who have contacted you. The sooner you have visitors, the sooner you will sell it.

  • Communication

How are your social skills? Perhaps rehearse the grand tour of the house with a critical friend or two before the buyers come…be prepared for anything. Good communication is necessary to find a buyer, both online and during the visit, so make them feel comfortable. Be prepared to negotiate, as these buyers are likely to try to make you different offers.

  • Paperwork prepared and in order 

If you want to sell your house quickly it is important to have everything ready to do the paperwork once you find a buyer. The documentation can also be requested from you by one of the possible buyers to find out about the state of the house. 

You will need the deeds to the property, the title deed, or deed registered in the public registry of property. This is important, for example, if it is an inheritance, as the property will be in the name of a deceased person.

  • Research the current local property market 

What’s the going rate? To decide the price, you should find out how much the houses are sold for in the same neighborhood or the same city, this will help you know if you are within the market price.

  • Valuation over appraisal 

Carry out a formal, legal property valuation because a market appraisal won’t be enough.

Advice on the real price of the property is fundamental to be able to set a sale price. We cannot trust the evaluation that appears in property taxes because they are not always updated.

So what are you waiting for?

Instead of cleaning and clearing up, prepare to sell your home and you’ll be bombarded with buyers, and quick cash, in no time. 

There are even companies waiting to buy your house for cash.

So if you’re looking to sell your Arizona home at the drop of a hat, reach out to us straight away! We’ll make you a cash offer instantly and close the deal within a few working days. 

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