¿Can a House That Needs Major Repairs Still Be Sold?

November 11, 2021
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The entire process of selling a home can be quite a journey. This is especially true when the home in question is in need of major repairs. At this point, people generally have two options: take what they can get or try to up the value first.

If You’re Looking to Just Get What You Can:

Luckily, there’s an avenue for you to be able to make money off of a house that needs major repairs. Sometimes, major repairs are just too heavy for a person’s pocket. It’s understandable for many people to presume that it’s almost impossible for a home like that to end up sold. However, there will definitely be a market for that.

Cash buyers are the key. They tend to buy homes even if there are repair needs like roofing and broken or outdated countertops and cabinets. Problems with electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems will also be overlooked by cash buyers.

If You’re Looking to Improve the Value of Your Home before Selling:

The reason why houses end up with serious, major repairs is usually that addressing them was delayed. This usually happens due to a lack of time and/or funds on the homeowner’s part. Putting your house on the open market for sale will most certainly take some work and spending, but the payoff should be worth it. Take the following steps:

  • Address Any Issues with the Foundation and Roof

Both the roof and foundation of a home will end up with wear and tear over time. A clear sign of a foundation shift will be obvious if your doors and windows aren’t able to stay opened or closed. If the ceiling has spots on it, chances are there’s a roof leak that needs to be repaired. Those should be looked into immediately since it could be a sign of bigger issues within the roofing system or even the plumbing.

  • Keep Curb Appeal in Mind

One of the most important factors in attracting possible buyers to a home is curb appeal. The flower beds should be weeded, the lawn has to be mown, and that there are no overgrown trees or bushes. Paint your front door so that it’s fresh and bright. Repair faulty boards on either the front porch and/or the back deck.

  • Prioritize the Bathrooms and Kitchens

Both baths and kitchens are usually the key selling points of homes. This is why particular attention should be paid to them in the process of fixing up a home to sell. Getting new countertops and painting the cabinets of a kitchen is important, especially if the kitchen hasn’t really been updated in a while; the likes of laminate countertops would end up peeling, so do consider refreshing your countertops. If there’s a considerable amount of storage space as well as areas for prep, those should be kept clean and checked for chipped paint or other defects.


Selling a home that needs major repairs can go one of two ways: try to up the value first, or get what’s possible. People looking to up the value first should keep curb appeal in mind, address roof and foundation issues, as well as prioritize bathrooms and kitchens. Those who want to just get what they can will benefit from selling to cash buyers.

For hassle-free home selling, drop Sell for Cash AZ a line today! No matter how much you owe and whatever repairs your house needs, we’ll buy it off of you.

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