Home Selling Tips ¿What a Cash Buyer Scammer Looks Like?

November 11, 2021
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Sometimes, things in life take an unexpected turn, possibly putting you in a situation where you begin to have trouble with your finances. With the immediate need for cash to get by, you have no choice but to make the difficult decision to sell your home.

There are several cash home buyers in Arizona, and selling your house ASAP is possible. But during these desperate times, it’s essential to have a clear head to assess a potential buyer. 

Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there, and with your difficult situation, the last thing you need is to sell your house to one. Read through our guide on how to avoid selling your home to these types of people.

They Want to Pay Immediately

Scammers are always too eager to ask questions about the house and talk about payment processes right off the bat. Before you can even mention the price range, they might have already offered an amount for a down payment or the total cost of the house. Being eager to pay for big things is quite sketchy, and often, it’s a sign that they’re only here to scam you.

They Share Financial Records Quickly

On top of being too keen to pay, a fake home buyer’s usual next step after the initial contact is to send proof of their “financial credibility” immediately without being prompted. Suddenly you’re receiving bank statements and financial records within the first few emails. That in itself is already fishy, so there is no reason for you to believe their documents as legitimate at first glance. 

They Always Have Unstable Communication

It’s pretty interesting how these people go from being overly eager to buy your property to suddenly having unstable communication lines all the time. Scammers who mask themselves as cash home buyers will always excuse having inconsistent communication lines when you try to reach them.

Aside from not getting in touch with them, it’s almost always in text messages or chats every time you do. If you invite them for a call, they often decline. Fake house buyers would never want to give away too much about who they are, including their voice. They would usually set it up for a different person to speak with you. Be wary of cash home buyers who are challenging to get a hold of.

They’re Miles and Miles Away

Think about this scenario: you’re in desperate need of cash. A cash home buyer presents themselves with much enthusiasm. They have all these “financial records” and are ready to pay without seeing the property because they apparently live miles and miles away. This is ultimately one of the biggest red flags. Never trust a buyer who’s willing to purchase your property without seeing it.

They “Overpay” to Get More

Here’s how it usually goes; they pay more so they can get more out of you. Some scammers will pay more than the actual balance, or if not, they’ll make up an excuse for a refund. Once you return the amount they’re asking for, they will adjust the wiring instructions, where you may end up paying for the amount they asked for straight from your bank account.

Final Thoughts

Despite the many red flags, some scammers are getting more and more creative. It’s essential to keep an eye out for them, especially during a financially difficult time. Because once you fall for the trap, fake home buyers will end up giving you more problems instead of getting hassle-free home selling.

There are many cases of house buying scams, and it’s crucial to find trustworthy cash home buyers in Arizona. Sell for Cash is a reliable local Arizona company with 100% customer satisfaction where you can sell your house for whatever the condition of your home is. Get in touch with us today! 

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