How To Sell My House in 2022

November 17, 2021
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New Year, New Life! Or something like that, the saying goes. The post-pandemic year 2021 has been a crazy sellers’ market. But, will the new year 2021 usher in a new life, with the real estate market expected to even out in 2022, according to forecast. The question real estate investors and homeowners are likely asking is, “how do I sell my house in 2022?”

Well, analysts who called this year’s real estate boom predict that home prices will keep rising in 2022. Overall, the intense competition among buyers is expected to continue as mortgage rates remain low and buyers outnumber sellers. Hence, 2022 could be a good time to sell your Arizona house for a reasonable price.

What If Things Even Out in The Real Estate Market?

If mortgage rates increases and the market situation evens out, that means fewer buyers and more houses. Back in September, reported that more houses were being put on the market, giving buyers more choices. If this trend continues and more homes are put on the market in 2022, more sellers will compete to get the attention of buyers.

Who To Sell Your House To in 2022?

You will surely be spoilt for choice of who to sell your house to in 2022 if the market remains a seller’s market. However, that is only if your house is in fair condition. Your options will still be limited if your house is in disrepair or about to go into foreclosure.

Fortunately, traditional home buyers would not be the only ones on the market looking to buy a house. Cash home buyers, who are real estate investors, would also flood the market searching for houses to buy for cash, no matter the condition.

Why Sell Your House To Cash Home Buyers in 2022?

Regardless of the market condition in 2022, cash home buyers are the best option to sell your house for several reasons outlined below.

1.     Sell For Cash

If you are selling your house in 2022, the chances are that you want to buy another or at least rent another place. Well, except you are selling an inherited property, and you have one you live in. In any case, you need cash fast to pay for another property or for something else.

Unlike selling to a typical homebuyer, real estate investors do not need loans to buy a house. They buy houses for cash and can pay for your house in full outright. Hence, you can sell your house and get the cash you need quickly.

2.    Sell Fast

When you sell to real estate investors, you do not have to waste time qualifying them, going through an appraisal and risking the deal falling through. Investors are cash buyers who are ready to buy and would not waste time in sealing the deal.

So, you can sell your house to investors for cash in less than a week. What’s more, if the market remains a sellers’ market, you may not even have to request a cash offer. Several cash home buyers would be interested in your home, and make you a fair offer.

3.    Sell As-Is

If your house is damaged, in disrepair, or even about to go into foreclosure, you can still sell your house in 2022. Real estate investors do not mind the condition of your house. They buy houses in any condition for cash. And in 2022, when buyers are likely to be competing to buy the limited houses available for sale, you can be sure of getting several great offers from cash buyers.

How To Find A Cash Home Buyer in 2022

There are numerous real estate investors claiming to buy houses for cash. How do you find a cash home buyer to sell your house to in 2022?

Step #1: Find Investors in Your Location

The first step is to find real estate investors who buy houses for cash in Arizona, or wherever you are located. Some real estate investors often claim that they buy houses anywhere in the country. You want to avoid those, as most are not legit.

Therefore, when searching online for a real estate investor to sell your house in 2022, do not forget to include your location. A search of “real estate investors in Arizona” or “cash home buyers Arizona” would turn up several results from which you can make a list.  

Step #2: Check Cash Home Buyer’s Website

Next, check the website of each of the cash home buyers on your list or search result. A reputable real estate investor will have a professional website, with accurate contact details. Also, you should be able to request an offer on the website with minimal stress.

However, before you request an offer, check the reviews from previous sellers. Scrutinize the client testimonials on the website to ensure they are not fake. You can also check review websites like Trust Pilot or search for the company name + review to see what pops up.

Step #3: Compare Initial Offers

At this stage, you should have a shortlist of at least three real estate investors you want to sell to. So, go ahead and request a cash offer from your shortlist of reputable home buyers. It is free to request an offer, so you do not have anything to lose.

Requesting several offers will enable you to compare initial offers from different buyers. However, note that the investor making the highest initial offer may not always be the best to buy your house. Offers may increase or decrease after the investor visits your property.

After conducting steps one to three, you are sure to find a reputable investor to sell your house in 2022. You may choose to wait until the investors on your shortlist do an inspection of your property and make you a final offer before deciding on who to sell to. Then, you can accept the final offer and sign the documents to close the sale.

The best way to sell your house in 2022, especially if your house is not in fair condition, is to sell to real estate investors. If you are looking to sell your house in Arizona in 2022, you can request a fair offer from Sell For Cash AZ at any time. We have purchased 2700+ houses, and no matter the condition of your house or the real estate market, we will pay cash for your house.

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